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How to start up a business in Italy?

First of all, you need to get a temporary work visa to come to Italy to submit the necessary documents. You can appoint an official representative in Italy, who will make the submission of documents for you. After that, you will need to request, at the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the permission to carry out activities in Italy (nulla osta) and obtain a document on economic and financial indicators (l'attestazione dei parametri economico finanziari), which is needed to start up a business. The minimum amount of money needed to start up a business in Italy, established by law, is 17.493 euros. After receiving these documents, you can apply for an Italian residence permit and set up a business. In Italy, there are many forms of entrepreneurship - it all depends on the expected annual turnover.

How do I reach out to the suppliers?

Thanks to cooperation with various companies, showrooms and factories, we will help you not only to close a mutually beneficial deal and establish fruitful cooperation, but also to make your stay in Milan pleasant and eventful.

How is the process of buying property?

Here you can work in two directions: either you choose an option from the existing ones, or we work with you individually and select options based strictly on your needs. Then you need to get the taxpayer identification number and open an account with an Italian Bank. After drawing up the proposal for the purchase, you must make a Deposit. If necessary, a preliminary contract is drawn up. The last stage is the signing of the contract of sale with the notary and the final payment.