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Victoria, 42 years, Ukraine : Recommend.
I addressed to Milan4U repeatedly. And every time she saved us! Finding a suitable accommodation in Milan was not so easy. But Julia in this matter is a super Pro! Everything is done accurately in terms of time, quickly, in full compliance with the task. And you can always get advice on any issue: tickets, restaurants, doctor, school, trips, excursions, etc. Very nice to meet you all!

02.03.2018 11: 28
Irina, 37 years old, Russia : I plan to use the services of Julia.
Huge gratitude to Milan4U personally for regular highly qualified assistance on a number of issues in particular related to the selection of housing in Milan. I had to pick up an apartment in a very short time, which would at the same time meet quite complex requirements for the contract and to the housing itself, Julia picked up the apartment and organized the whole process, in addition, when there was a need to obtain a residence permit of two different types, Julia prepared the necessary documents, gave a full consultation and accompanied the whole process at each stage, resolving in a timely manner any difficulties and taking into account all the subtleties. Thank you very much for this quality of service, of course, we and in the future I plan to use the services of Julia and her team.

17.06.2017 09: 26
Margarita, 20, Germany
Great agency and one of the only ones that was really able to help me find the apartment with respect to the time frames I had. Many thanks! Everyone was very committed to the work and helped me find the best option in the shortest time possible. I am very satisfied with the conditions of the apartment - it is very comfortable and pleasant to stay in. Thank you so much, I definitely recommend the team of Milan4u to everyone.

01.03.2017 10: 28
Svetlana, 39 years old, Ukraine
Sincerely grateful for the support provided to me upon my arrival in Milan. All tasks were solved very quickly. During the day they found an apartment that met the specified parameters, and most importantly budget. I was accompanied during each stage of registration of documents, including filing for a residence permit. Explained emerging nuances and gave valuable advice that helped save time and money. Very professional work at a high level. And the main ratio price-quality-perfect! I can safely recommend the team Milan4u as the best accompaniment in Milan.

13.07.2016 09: 00
Tamara, 38 years old, Russia
I am very grateful to the team for their assistance. In early may, I had to urgently fly to Milan for work, with no time and with my nine-year-old son. The guys organized everything for 2 days-picked up a great apartment, provided a Russian-speaking nanny for my son, met and accompanied me throughout my stay in Milan. Thanks to the highly qualified assistant-translator I managed to sign a very profitable contract. Everything was at the highest level and very quickly. All recommended.

07.07.2016 08:56