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How to get a visa to Italy?

There is a lot of diverse and often contradictory information on how to immigrate to Italy on the Internet. In this case, it is important to understand the true purpose of the trip and only then choose the right path to follow.

The process of obtaining a short-term visa to Italy is quite simple, but it is better to trust experts to save time and money. Immigration specialists and lawyers will help you to determine the type of visa; will assist in the preparation and execution of the necessary documents; will accompany you throughout the process.

After obtaining a visa and arriving in Italy, our specialists will support you step by step in the process of obtaining a residence permit:

  • filling in the application;
  • preparing and executing all documents;
  • helping for payment of all fees;
  • supporting for applying for a residence permit;
  • сsupporting for fingerprinting and verification of all documents;
  • accompanying to the police station to obtain a residence permit.

visa to Italy