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MYTH # 1: Italy is a very expensive country.

Today Italy is AVAILABLE to all. Here are a few examples: a good lunch in Milan for 6 euros, and a dinner in a nice Italian restaurant can cost you about 10 euros. For a holiday at the sea with a full three meals a day in a restaurant you can pay 30 euros per day per person, and the rent for an apartment can be about 20 euros per day.

MYTH № 2: Discounts are possible only during sales.

Some stores periodically make discounts during the year. Many boutiques are CONSTANTLY making discounts to their customers on all the brands.

MYTH 3: Education in Europe is expensive.

You can study in Milan for free, since you can get a scholarship, live in a modern hostel or a separate apartment and eat in a restaurant once a day for free.

MYTH 4: the fashion Capital is Paris. The capital of the economy is London.

In 2009, Milan was recognized as the fashion capital, ahead of New York, Paris, Rome and London. Milan is home to Italy's most famous fashion brands and many international fashion house boutiques. Milan hosts a fashion week twice a year, just like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

Milan is as well the economic capital of Italy and southern Europe, and in 2015, during the Expo 2015 Milan has been officially considered the capital of Europe. The largest trade and exhibition centre in Europe is located in Milan, so the largest and most important exhibitions are held here. In addition, Milan is recognized as the European capital of WI FI and the city with the largest number of hot spots in the world (more than 4,000 in public places).

MYTH # 5: I already was in Italy and saw it all.

Every city, every part of Italy seem completely different from each other: different nature, architecture, cuisine, traditions and even language! In addition, Italy is so rich in history, art and culture, that even living here, you can discover something new every day.


If you are a foreigner, probably you will be tricked. Yes, that's right. Maybe when signing a contract or entering into a transaction (the translator, having only language skills, often does not understand the essence), when choosing food in a restaurant (often you are given a menu in English, where prices differ from real), when opening a Bank account, when paying for goods and services.


- Always ask the VAT (Partita IVA) from persons who provide translation services, support, etc., be sure to ask the experience in this field, the number of years of residence in Milan, do not forget to ask about education.

To avoid unpleasant surprises and obtain optimal results in any area you need a person with knowledge of the business, respectively, with a good education, excellent language skills, experience in DIFFERENT AREAS and with a deep knowledge of all the intricacies of the Italian mentality.

Milan4u team includes only highly qualified specialists with relevant education and work experience, fluent in Russian, English and Italian, who grew up in Milan and became a part of it. We are proud of the results of our work. With us you can be calm and confident in the future!

How to organize a stay in Italy without travel agencies?

f you only want to book a hotel, you can do it without problems yourself since most hotels can be booked online without pre-payment. If you want to live in an apartment (house, Villa), then choose the desired option and negotiate with the landlord on your own is almost impossible. Not only can we choose the most suitable accommodation option for you according to all your needs (budget, district, number of beds, etc.), but also we can help in the organization of the holiday.

How is the process of buying property?

Here you can work in two directions: either you choose an option from the existing ones, or we work with you individually and select options based strictly on your needs. Then you need to get the taxpayer identification number and open an account with an Italian Bank. After drawing up the proposal for the purchase, you must make a Deposit. If necessary, a preliminary contract is drawn up. The last stage is the signing of the contract of sale with the notary and the final payment.

Where can I see the flats for a long time?

Apartments, rented for long term, have high volatility. That is why we work individually with each client. You should apply, indicating all your wishes, rental period and budget, and we will find you a few options of apartments according to your needs.

How much does studying in Milan cost?

It all depends on the chosen educational institution. Studying in Milan can be almost free (thanks to scholarships), and the most prestigious educational institutions can cost about 20 thousand euros per year.

How much money will you need for each day of your stay in Milan?

It all depends on your capabilities and your lifestyle. Milan is an expensive city, but even with a small amount of money here you can have a great time. Walking around the city, visiting some attractions, you can absolutely do it for free. You can have a snack, for example, eating the famous panzerotto Luini near the Duomo, and for dinner enjoy an aperitif in one of the historic areas of Milan – and you will spend no more than 15 euros. In Italy, you can have a great time, enjoy food, travel, get a lot of pleasant impressions and emotions, spending no more than in other EU countries.